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TOP > The Secrets of StarsThe Kira Chronicles series, #3【電子書籍】[ K S Nikakis ]

The Secrets of StarsThe Kira Chronicles series, #3【電子書籍】[ K S Nikakis ]

<p>What truths lie hidden in the stars?</p> <p>Kira is alone, her food all but exhausted, the forest and those she loves far behind her. When she stumbles on a stranger under attack, she faces a terrible choice: betray everything Kasheron fought for or walk away.</p> <p>The stranger, Caledon, knows a path over the mountains and has friends nearby who can help them, but Kira's quest is clear: go straight north, gain aid for her people, and return home.</p> <p>They continue together but the Azurcades are perilous and when a terrible storm threatens to sweep them to their deaths, their journey becomes a battle for survival.</p> <p>Kira's trust in Caledon grows and his gentleness rouses other, deeper feelings, but Caledon is ruled by forces that pose a lethal threat to her quest. She plans her escape, but new lands bring new enemies and she is taken prisoner.</p> <p>Fleeing her captors, Kira finds herself with a people under Shargh attack. As the carnage mounts and she joins with their Healers to save the wounded, her stocks of fireweed run dangerously low.</p> <p>Caledon strives to regain her trust and the stakes escalate when he reveals terrible truths that threaten the Tremen's very existence.</p> <p>As the slaughter continues and Kira embarks on a hazardous search for fireweed, disaster strikes and she is snatched by the Shargh warrior who has long hunted her.</p> <p>Can Kira survive to reach the north and finally deliver aid to her people? Or will her quest end at the Shargh's brutal hands?</p> <p>If you love your female heroes feisty, your fantasy worlds with sun-dappled forests, quiet owl-filled nights, and just the right dash of romance, you will love <em>The Secrets of Stars</em>, Book 3 of the six book <em>The Kira Chronicles</em> series.</p> <p>Buy <em>The Secrets of Stars</em> today to enter the forest world of the Tremen and continue your amazing adventure with Kira as she fights to save her people.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。


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